Dear Mr Kaynar,

I would like to congratulate you on your creation of La Maison de Barbara in Ayvalık. Like you, I have been an admirer of the French singer Barbara for many years. I admire her for her elegance, the warmth of her voice and the beauty of her compositions. Sadly unlike you I never had the chance to hear her live. She is an artist whose memory deserves to be kept alive for new generations of music fans to discover.

I am very excited by the news that there is now a house in Turkey which bears her name. I hope the house you founded enjoys success in the coming years with new artistic projects, and that it will cause her name to be spread more widely in your country. I am from England, and I have to say that Barbara is still hardly known here. I admire your decision to commemorate her name with a house celebrating the arts.

I wish the Maison de Barbara every success in the future. If ever I come to the beautiful town of Ayvalık, I will make sure I visit.

Yours sincerely,

William Whiteley

Oxford, United Kingdom