La Maison de Barbara is dedicated to the French singer Barbara who passed away in year 1997.. It is an artist residency open to all sectors of the art world, academicians, curators and creative persons from local and international scene.

The purpose of the program is to free the artist from his everyday environment and to provide him or her with a new dimension so that they can produce, create or think on a new level for their work. Also to help to support art in an overall idea.

The artist will reside in ‘’La Maison de Barbara’’ while continuing its research and productions at the special studio which is adjacent.

The program which started in 2016 is planned for each resident to spend between 5 weeks to 16 weeks at ’’La Maison de Barbara’’. Each period is destined to accommodate only one artist. However this person can be accompanied with one other person. A three storey house with 80 square meters,a garden veranda of 35 square meters and a studio of 30 square meters is provided.

The house is fully furnished with two toilets and white goods. A service facility for cleaning and urgencies is provided.

Electricity, water, wi fi and heating and cooling is provided free of charge and no rent is expected from the artist. The only request from the establishment is for each person to leave two piece of work. The first one will be included in the Barbara Collection and will be exhibited in Ayvalık and the second one is for the collection of Mr Serif Kaynar.

For selecting the artists for the residency program of La Maison de Barbara a selecting committee has been set up. In addition to permanent members of Serif Kaynar and Ibrahim Okumus two independent members serve on this committee.

Special Award to Barbara Residency Project