•  Barbara artist Navid Azami is participating October in Paris to L'Asie Maintenant at the Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet
•  Barbara house has been renovated with a new kitchen and new space for Artists

•  Israeli Artist Anat Propper Goldenberg represented by Artizen will bed our guest in the fall of 2023

•  La Maison de Barbara has hosted 30 guests since its inception in 2016

•  La Maison de Barbara was one of the sponsors of the Ayvalık film festival which was held in October 2022

•  La Maison de Barbara also was one of the founders of the new Museum in Ayvalık Anatolian Civilizations

•  Every summer, a short-term artist is hosted at the Barbara Residency. In August 2022, Ceramic Artist Tümay Güneş Tartar was our guest in Ayvalık.

Graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty Artistic Ceramics Department in 1995; Tümay Güneş Tartar has been enriching the visuals of all ceramic-glass wall panel works that she has designed and produced for living spaces for 28 years, with illustrative illusion effects. She transfers these designs, which she brings back to life on digital platforms, to "mixed media" bodies, in which he uses different materials, transforming them into "Digital Living Surfaces", as the artist calls them, and reviving them.

Tümay Güneş Tartar, who has 18 personal exhibitions in Turkey and abroad, has many awards and has signed 72 indoor and outdoor venues;

She is among the various industrial workshops where she produces in Istanbul, with the Art Workshop he established in Düsseldorf in 2017, with her works with a message that underlines the golden value of water in the current moment in our world and in the processes we will live, draws attention to the water consumption of the societies and always emphasizes freedom. She continues to produce projects and works in his time.

•  Möchten Sie keine Infos mehr? Senden Sie mir eine kurze Nachricht: www.art-karlsruhe.de/de/

•  Thanks to co operation between Barbara Residency and IKSV , THE Barbara House is happy to host the artist AnneMarie van Splunter during February 2020 in Ayvalık...

The web site and the bio can be reached at https://annemarievansplunter.nl/bio/

•  Barbara Residency has a project in Co operation with IKSV named Be Mobile Create Together. The first resident of thet project is Nina Kuttler who will arrive Ayvalık on November 2019.

Nina is an artist and writer from Hamburg. She studied in Hamburg Germany and Hangzhou China. She has multi disciplined practice questioning our century s deep problems.

•  Ayvalik Art and Nature...OTHERCHELEBI'S TRAVELS

•  BARBARA (An Art Residence in Turkey)

•  Barbara Residency is happy to announce the first guest of the year 2019 as Tunca Subasi starting January...  www.tuncasubasi.com

•  Barbara Residency is hosting its first Sculptor Ms Güler Güngör...

•  May 2018 was a first for La Maison de Barbara as we hosted our first international guest from Berlin. Although a Turkish by origin Sultan made her entire career in Germany. www.sultanacar.de

•  Special Award to Barbara Residency Project

•  Barbara House selection committee has decided to the fourth resident of the ’’La Maison de Barbara’’.
She will be Aslı Kutluay from Ankara. Her term will commence in May 2017

•  A mail from William Whiteley

Barbara Residency'nin bir sonraki konuğu Mahmut Celayir 1 Şubat 2017'de aramızda olacak.

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