César Morión is a spanish artist, painter, sculptor, photographer and scriptwriter. He has had an education and academical university training in the fields of Philosophy and History of Science. Morión was born in Labarces in 1970, a small village in the west region of Cantabria, the north of Spain. He has lived long periods of time abroad, mainly in Denmark and England, but also in Sweden, Belgium, France and Poland. His work as a painter can be defined within the modern figuration, being considerably ambivalent regarding realism, and clearly apart from most forms of hiperrealism. Two personalities had an impact on his training as an artist. The first within his own family through his senior relative Donato Lasso, an engraver and graphic artist, who took an special interest in Morion´s earliest developings as an artist. The second and later influence occured during his late adolescence and early youth under Luis Delacamara, who helped him to consolidate his motivation, technical resources and main focus on painting. Delacamara offered him not just his advice and support, but his own studio to work along with him on a part time basis that are fundamtal to get familiar with the artistic world of the time as well as the technics, life and spirit of a professional painter that make a living on his work as an artist.