Anna Larissa Araz (1990)  is a young artist whose practice focuses on the medium of photography; she produces works in a variety of media including text, video and sound. Through a personal viewpoint, she focuses at the topics of history, identity, memory and belonging that are included or not included in social memory. This personalization is related to her belonging to a family that combines different minorities of the geography she lives in. The questions that are not answered by history that we repeatedly ask ourselves-or not anymore- are the main threads of an existential research of Araz.



2017 Survival Kit, Cultural Transit Foundation, Yekaterinburg, RU

2017 30 under 30 Woman Photographers, Popping Club, Rome, IT

2017 Survival Kit, Space Debris, Istanbul, TR

2017 Printed, Mixer Gallery, Istanbul , TR

2016 Young, Fresh, Different 7 , Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul, TR

2016 We are not dead yet!, Mamut Art 16, Küçük Çiftlik Park, Istanbul, TR

2015 Urban Justice, Cermodern, Ankara, TR

2015 Yük/Burden , Foto Istanbul II 2nd International Photography Festival, Istanbul, TR

2014 Pixels of Identities, Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2014 TO BE, Mava Gallery, Istanbul, TR

2013 Second Eye Women Photographers from Turkey, Sismanoglou Megaro , Istanbul, TR

2012 Left Behind in Bosnia, Pera Museum, Istanbul,TR



2017 Tony Chakar and Marwa Arsanios’  “In Seeking Incuriously” Workshop, Salzburg Summer Art Academy

2014 Ferdi Limani, photojournalism, Agence Le Journal

2014 William Daniels, photojournalism, GAPO