Ayvalık is a beautiful city with historical texture. As soon as you step on the street, you find yourself in a collective memory and feeling of true life experience. You never feel alone while having long walks on worn stones and watching the houses, doors and windows. Yet, I think the Barbara residence is an even more special place with the architectural touch that mixes old and new. There is a sea that always welcomes you with the daylight and mountains which make their presence felt. Herb smells mixed with water and sometimes you find yourself in a ship floating in the light. The workshop just next to you gives you the chance to transfer this energy to the creative channels. With this aspect I wouldn’t be exaggerated to say this is an artist's temple, a mystical self-presence and questioning area. Therefore it has been a creative process for me. Furthermore I met with nice people and had beautiful friendships.

It was certainly good for me to regain calm sense of time without the noise of big city and have friendly conversations in wine accompaniment .. Of course these shared feelings are renewing our hopes for a country that can proceed to become liveable again.. Besides these I guess it is most important to say that I have received some signals of the need to change our own lives.