For Barbara House

Human beings live by themselves whatever conditions they face. Even if they are surrounded by loved ones, at crowded gathering or at special places, they remain alone with themselves. Whenever we face the question of who we are rather than what we are; we can meet our inner life. If we can support our existence in those moments it is a great plus. However, it is even better if we can extract new ideas and new possibilities. The art people are the lucky ones who as they can analyse life issues and question the existentialism.

Artists are the ones who get inspired from various situations and producing, creating, and bringing new ideas. The artists self mode is a different world altogether.

Neither technical drawing issues nor other facts are important; the artist is after a soul searching. He or she is trying to look from a different window bringing alternatives rather than complaining in fast changing world.

That is my analysis.

I do not know the exact name; time, pleasure, moment, independence, soul ,reality or existentialism. Whatever it is ; my soul searches the things which does not satisfy me deep inside.

This pursuit has its own ways. Artist residency programs is a perfect solution for many artists for opening new horizons. After beautiful university years I had decided to stay away from academic world as an independent artist. However, being alone in my studio became too homogeneous and too closed. That is why, I went towards residency programs. The residency programs that I participated before Barbara House had impacted my career positively. The residency programs help artists to see a new perspective and new dimensions. They are very few in my country.

The Barbara Residency Program where I was invited as the second guest has already convinced me on its sustainability and long term reputation as a good international destination. The Barbara House welcomes artists from various perspectives to Ayvalik for period of 3 months. The residence is designed as a house, patio,studio and garden which inspires the guest in a creative way. In addition various workshops are planned for artists to interact with each other in this wonderful spot Ayvalık.

Art has been the main element for explaining the world history and its evolution. Therefore projects like Barbara House are extremely important and should be backed by sponsors. The special Barbara House was inspired to Serif Kaynar after the passion he had ever the French singer Barbara. (Passion for her voice, her standing as an independant artist and life philosophy )

I sincerely hope that we will encounter more people and associations that will have similar passions.
I thank Serif Kaynar and sincerely hope; that his passion for Barbara and art will help to forge several special relationships between contemporary artists of this world.

Secil Erel
Istanbul, 01. 2017